BorderVIEW SPOTlight

The online yearbook for Border Collie enthusiasts across the world.

Advertising in SPOTlight


We are intent in bringing down the price for people wishing to advertise their Border Collies. Compare these prices to those of other publications -

Price for adverts:

New advertisers - full page advert just £25.00 GBP

Special prices for previous Spotlight advertisers & BorderVIEW World members - full page advert just £20.00 GBP

Discounts available for multiple pages - see drop down menu below
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Final closing date for provision of advert for edition 2 is 10th July 2016

Advertising specifications:

BorderVIEW SPOTlight is published as an online e-book with the following dimensions: 860 by 860 pixels (square). The resolution of the print is 144 ppi. Effectively 6 inches by 6 inches at 144 dpi.

However when viewing the publication the reader has the opportunity to enlarge the publication on screen and zoom in. Therefore for a high quality advert we would recommend the following dimensions: 2580 pixels by 2580 pixels at 200 dpi. i.e. 12.9 inches by 12.9 inches at 200 dpi. (328mm * 328 mm at 200 dpi or greater)

The advert should be provided in one of the following formats: PDF or JPG

If you are not comfortable in producing your own advert then we are happy to produce one on your behalf. All you need to provide us with is the text you require in the advert and the images you wish to include. This service is free of charge if advert is booked and paid for prior to the advert closing date.